Find Your Spiraling Powerline

Purpose: To help you stay compact and controlled as you turn through corners and bent figures. In the process, it will keep your horse compact and controlled too.

Directions: Imagineyou are standing in the same small boat as in Exercise 1. Now you want to steer it to the right, so you spiral (like an old-fashioned barber pole) to the right, which puts a little more weight toward your desired direction of travel—in the right foot. This is exactly what you do in the saddle, too. When you spiral to the right, more weight automatically transfers to your right inside stirrup, and your right inside seat bone becomes just a tad heavier. Your horse steps under your weight and turns.

Sit straight on both seat bones so you don’t abandon your horse on the outside (left). When you imagine being in your small boat, it’s easy to keep your outside foot down because you wouldn’t last long if you lifted it!