Find Your Vertical Powerline

Purpose: To give you a powerful vertical presence that uses gravity to make you supple and strong.

Directions: To find and strengthen your Vertical Powerline, imagine yourself in a riding stance in a small boat, facing the bow (see photo). Your feet are grounded as if you were riding. Now, turn on the imaginary engine and start to go forward in your boat. The sea may be slightly rolling and you’ll need to go with the motion. Your body should automatically assume a tall stature from your feet to the crown of your head. This Vertical Powerline is strong, but also supple. Your hips, knees and ankles move in a way that keeps you balanced.
This is the way to ride a horse—with a supple, strong Vertical Powerline. This strength enables you to be coordinated and strong enough to sit in balance no matter what the horse is doing.