Strengthen your Vertical Powerline

Purpose: To show you how easy it is to be strong when you use positive tension and Powerlines.

Directions: Do a square halt next to a mounting block so your instructor or a friend can stand on it next to you.

Step 1: Make yourself vertically strong through the side that is closest to the block. Send all your energy down through the sole of your foot so you feel grounded to the earth. Feel how your seat automatically deepens on that side.

Step 2: When you feel quite strong, ask your friend to reach above your elbow and try to push you away from her (fig. 3.4).

If you’ve effectively made a strong Powerline of energy, your friend will succeed in moving your horse, but not you. That’s proof of the strength of positive tension. Lines of energy are much stronger than muscles. Maintain your length and strength while you ride.