What’s Dressage Dynamics all about?

In Part I, “How Riders Work,” discover …how to use “positive tension” and “powerlines” to become balanced and effective in the saddle. Use of positive tension and powerlines allows the rider to be strong but still soft. It’s the effortless way to be strong.

In Part II, “How Horses Work,” discover …how you can help your horse overcome his coordination challenges.

  • First, as a four-legged creature, your horse is naturally inclined to do too much with his front end and not enough with his hind. You can help him with half halts.
  • Second, your horse is naturally crooked, so you need to help him become straight and aligned.

In Part III, “How Two Spines Align in Balance,” discover …specific means to create balance and harmony at that place where two spines meet.

Riders featured in this book (in the order of their appearance):

Ingrid Klimke
Klaus Balkenhol
Anne Kursinski
Courtney King Dye
Rachel Chowanec
Steffen Peters
Annie Morris
Angela Krooswijk
Carl Hester
Lynne Maas
Mica Mabragana
Isabell Werth
Jennifer Baumert
Marlies van Baalen
Robert Dover
Ashley Holzer


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